It’s Flu Season: Can We Still Get the Nasal Flu Vaccine?


Darn.  We really liked that one.  My shot-fearing son finally caught a break.  And with a vaccine he has to get annually (yay!).   A few years ago, after growing out of mild asthma he was finally eligible for the “up-the-nose” flu** vaccine (FluMist), alongside his brother and sister.  One less needle, one less time he could proclaim “No fair!” when it came to his siblings.

Well, now “No fair” is in triple harmony this fall.  And I don’t blame my kids one bit.

Because of recent news regarding the FluMist vaccine, our pediatrician’s office will not be offering it this fall.  Hopefully you have heard the same thing.  And with good reason.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has determined that FluMist did not protect its recepients from influenza for the last three flu seasons.  The (CDC) gave the heads up to the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, and the news has caused physicians to offer only the injectable form of the flu shot this season.  The advisory committee is now calling for the FluMist manufacturer, MedImmune, to look into the problem.

This is especially disappointing as FluMist had been considered pretty effective in kids, even more so than adults, as kids by comparison have “rookie” immune systems.  Meaning the younger population has overall had less exposure to flu antibodies (because of a history of fewer flu shots) and therefore less resistance.  Unfortunately, with FluMist, this theory has not panned out.  At least not in recent years.

So when you schedule your children’s (and your) influenza vaccines, get the injectable vaccine.  Chances are your doctor’s office won’t stock FluMist, but if so, decline it.  That’s a tough one for kids with excellent memories (and all kids do, unless it has to do with how the toilet got plugged) for last year’s flu vaccine.  If your child is worried about getting a shot, take a look at my recent post on the subject.  I’m out the cash for three milkshakes this year…maybe four (I may need one as well).

**I’ll use the term “flu” in this post to mean “influenza,” not the stomach flu.

Want more details?  Here’s a link to great article I used as my source:

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