Tweets About Twins

A mother drops, (yes, drops) herself down next to me at a “Mother of Multiples” meeting.  She recently delivered babies seven and eight, twin boys.  You read it right.  Babies seven and eight.  I was already acquainted with this Wonder Mom as our husbands were colleagues, and was, needless to say, in awe of her ability to make babies.  Given it was four years of real effort to conceive my husband’s and my twin boys, I was (and still am) amazed by women who only have to think the word pregnant and bam!  They are with child.  Or children, in this case.  So imagine my surprise…no…shock…when this baby guru asks me:

You have twin boys…how do you DO IT?!

I’m sorry, what?

This was my first clue that having more than one baby in a matter of minutes puts parents in a different category from even the parents who rear the equivalent of the Von Trapp Family Singers.


The look on my face when asked how I managed with twin boys in our home.


Recently, the Huffington Post searched for and put together 28 rib-tickling tweets about parenting twins.  Even if you are not a family with multiples, you will enjoy the humor by, for, and appreciated by parents who are gifted with the lather, rinse, repeat lifestyle.  So click on the link below to enjoy a bit of twin-related humor.

But before you navigate away, I’d love to share my own 140-characters-or-less twin quotable:

My twins are always arguing over who gets to be the “evil twin.”

That’s easy.

They both are. 😉

So, parents (of multiples and even if not)…what’s your “tweet”?  Post in the comments section of this blog post to share!


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