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When I started PulseonParenting I was just ready to write.  Obviously this was going in the parenting vein, but I had no “brand” in mind.  I honestly don’t care for the term “brand” or being asked “What is your ‘brand’?”  like this is all about marketing, selling and making money.  Cultivating a franchise, if you will.   However, I can get behind having a purpose.  point.  (I’m not a fan of the term “mission statement” either).   And if that translates into a “brand” I’ll field that if and when it comes.

Upon review, I saw an umbrella under which my themes seemed to fall.   And some recent reading on life balance helped me put two-and-two together and realize the purpose of PulseonParenting.  That purpose is, simply put, balance.  We parents need balance…personal, professional and parental.  It’s something we don’t often think about, don’t have time to think about, while juggling life’s chores and responsibilities with the challenges of raising children and running to extracurricular activities, doctor appointments and playdates.  We balance enough as it is without contemplating what we need to nuture our individual identities.  But it is that other kind of balance we so desperately need.  I fully realized own my need when my mother said to me, “Soon the boys will be nine-years-old and halfway through their time at home.”  And with that,  the blood ran out of my face.

We all say how quickly it is that time flies but do we sincerely appreciate that simple truth?We know to cherish the little moments with our kids.  But if we cannot be present in the moment with them because we are in our heads, worrying about those nagging chores and responsibilities and desperately seeking a much-needed break as well, our kids lose and so do we.  It isn’t quantity of time that kids crave…it’s the quality of the time we spend with them.  So in the midst of our crazy, over-scheduled lives, how can we give our sons and daughters that simple gift of undivided attention?

Mainly, we need to take care of ourselves.  Even if for mere minutes a day, getting a dose endorphin-releasing “therapy” keeps us human and ready to be present as parents.  My shot-in-the-arm is reading a book.  So I have brought you my page “Twelve Books in 2014” as my personal challenge to carve out “me” time and to encourage my readers to do the same (with any hobby or interest that is their own).  And let’s not forget humor.  Parenting is not easy and we can become discouraged by the frustrations and difficulties.  Being a perfectionist, I feel this way everyday.  So I attempt, through my blog posts, to find humor in both the big and little parenting moments, taking potshots at myself and my parenting errors because enjoying a laugh does an amazing amount to shift our outlook on our own mistakes, parenting or otherwise, and carry on.

Lastly, to achieve life balance we need to eliminate the “time suck” and incorporate some efficiency.  At least I think that’s true (actually, I’m German so I have to think so; it’s genetic!).  There is a lot of information out there for parents.  Some of it good.  Some of it bad.  Some of it flat-out erroneous.  So I hope to bring some streamlined, easy-to-digest information your way (But as research is not my forte those blog posts will take some time!) because you are busy enough already and don’t have time to google for hours on end.  If I can bring “just the facts” your way on select topics and help eliminate that “time suck,” hopefully you can finish that game of UNO with your kids.

So, the pulse of PulseonParenting is balance.  Let’s check ours often.  As our physical pulse gauges heart health, our parental pulse can serve as a barometer to how balanced our own lives are.  To care well and wholeheartedly for our kids, we need to care for our own needs as well.  Let’s get started, together.



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